Documentary Letter of Credit

Tejarat Bank of I.R of Iran in Dushanbe city accepts documentary letters of credits from its correspondents and advises them to the relative beneficiaries. Subsequently upon receipt of relative complied documents, our branch negotiates them and pays their amounts to the beneficiaries based on rules and regulations of UCP600.

Meanwhile, our branch issues documentary letters of credits according to applicants’ requests for its correspondents against taking immovable collaterals or deposits from the applicants.

Export Letter of Credit
Commission for Advice of Full Swift to the Beneficiary TJS equivalent of USD 50/00
Commission for L/C Amendment Advice to the Beneficiary TJS equivalent of USD 25/00
Docs Negotiation Commission TJS equivalent of 0/25% of negotiated

docs amount

Tested Message Charges TJS equivalent of USD 20/00
Courier Service Charges According to post bill
Import Letter of Credit
L/C Issuance Commissions 0/25% of L/C amount for three months

Min: TJS equivalent of USD 50/00 plus tested Message Charges

Tested Message Charges of L/C Issuance TJS equivalent of USD 50/00
L/C Extension Commissions


TJS equivalent of 0/05 % of L/C amount for each month plus Tested Message Charges (days under one month are considered one month) Min TJS equivalent of USD 30/00 plus Tested Message Charges
L/C Amendment

Commissions &Charges

TJS equivalent of USD 10/00 plus Tested Message Charges
Docs Negotiation Commission TJS equivalent of 0/25% of docs amount
Docs Settlement TJS equivalent of 0/05% of docs amount
Payment Commitment Commissions (For Usance L/Cs) 3 percent of Commitment amount for one year (minimum Commissions for 3 months
Discount 10-13 percent of paid amount
Tested Message Charges EUR 15/00 USD 20/00